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Areas of Expertise

While I frequently treat anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, family concerns, self-esteem, stress,

 perfectionism, and struggles with major life events, I have worked extensively with the following populations and issues:

Young Adults

My work in college settings has included counseling centers at Marywood University, Drexel University, Ithaca College, and Hobart and William Smith Colleges.​  I love working with young adults and I specialize in many areas important to this population.  I work collaboratively to determine our focus and identify strategies that fit for you as a person.  

Identity Concerns

Whether through a desire to change circumstances, come out, or come into your own, forming or changing your identity will be one of the most important experiences in your life.  It is often helpful to gain support and guidance along this journey.  I use an existential focus to aid you in determining what you may need in the moment and in the future. 

Men's Issues

Throughout my career I have specialized in men's issues.  This can include the process of disclosing as men, interpersonal relationships, romantic relationships, body image concerns, and finding meaning.  More often, this is a lens during treatment that can allow men to engage in comfortable and constructive ways.  Understanding emotions, past experiences, or current stressors can be difficult when we carry preconceived expectations.  We will determine together whether some of these ideas are worth changing as you look to move towards health and happiness.

Cancer and Illness

New diagnoses feel impossible to understand.  I draw on Humanistic/Existential and CBT techniques in addition to body focused modalities like mindfulness and clinical hypnosis to manage the symptoms we can address and deal with the experiences we cannot.  I participated in extensive training at Mount Sinai in CBT and Hypnosis combination therapy to manage fatigue in cancer patients. This modality in particular has shown great efficacy in fatigue related to radiation therapy.   

My Approach

I draw on several Evidence-Based approaches in therapy including: Interpersonal, Existential/Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral, and Feminist therapies.

In essence, this means I will often check in with our relationship to see if you are getting what you need from therapy.  We will call attention to ways of thinking that may do more harm than good, and we will frame our discussions within the structure of identity and society.

I have found many clients benefit from a mind/body focus to therapy and I utilize mindfulness and clinical hypnosis depending on interest and need. These skills can aid in developing empowered understanding of our physiological responses to stressors.

My Approach
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